Ultimate ASP.NET Core Web API - Deluxe Edition

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Ultimate ASP.NET Core Web API - Deluxe Edition

Code Maze

The Deluxe Edition program.

What's included?

  • Ultimate ASP.NET Core Web API - From Complete Noob To Six-Figure Backend Developer

Six additional bonus materials:

  • Ultimate ASP.NET Core Web API Workbook++

  • The HTTP Reference Tables

  • Dockerizing ASP.NET Core Application

  • Practical JSON Requests Collection

  • Freelancing Unleashed

  • Mastering ASP.NET Core Security

And Huge Blazor WebAssembly Course Discount!

Deluxe Bonus:

  • 1 hour, one-on-one strategic call with Marinko and Vladimir where you can ask us anything regarding the source material, projects you are building in ASP.NET Core Web API, problems you face, advice on architecture and best practices, optimization, or whatever else you want.

Visit the page to learn more: https://code-maze.com/ultimate-aspnet-core-web-api/

I want this!

Deluxe Edition

Total Size
PDFs Included
Exclusive Group Access
Full Source Code Included
Free Updates
1 Year
One on one Strategic Call
Unlimited Value
Framework Version
.NET Core 3.1 and .NET 5
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