Ultimate ASP.NET Core Web API Second Edition - Premium Package

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The Second Edition of our bestselling program Ultimate ASP.NET Core Web API - Premium Package.

What's included?

  • Ultimate ASP.NET Core Web API - Second Edition

Seven additional bonus materials:

  1. Ultimate ASP.NET Core Web API Workbook
  2. The HTTP Reference Tables
  3. Dockerizing ASP.NET Core Application
  4. Practical JSON Requests Collection
  5. Freelancing Unleashed
  6. Mastering ASP.NET Core Security
  7. ASP.NET Core Web API With Dapper

All materials are available for .NET 6, .NET 7, and .NET 8.

And to top it off there's a huge Blazor WebAssembly Course Discount!

What you'll learn

  • Fundamentals - How to set up ASP.NET Core Web API project and configure it for robust but flexible development including logging ready for production
  • Architecture - How to use best practices and implement one of the most popular architectures today - Onion Architecture
  • Structure - How to organize and structure your project so you can scale it indefinitely without any issues
  • Handling Requests - How to handle all kinds of requests, GET, POST, PUT, PATCH DELETE, HEAD, OPTIONS, and when to use each one
  • Global Exception Handling - How to clean up the code and implement global exception handling so no exception goes unnoticed
  • Content Negotiation - How to serve different responses depending on the client's needs and implement custom formatters if needed
  • Validation - How to validate different requests with attributes and make sure our requests work as intended and the data is formatted properly
  • Asynchronous Code - How to implement asynchronicity in our code and not wait for a response ever again
  • Action Filters - How to apply the code before the request gets to your controllers. Or after the action happens
  • Data Manipulation - How to implement Paging, Filtering, Searching, and Sorting, the actions that are most commonly requested and used by APIs and those who consume them
  • HATEOAS Support - How to implement HATEOAS and make our API self-discoverable and restful. While sometimes hard to implement, HATEOAS really makes your API pop off
  • Versioning - How to implement versioning for our API in several different ways and make different versions of API available at the same time
  • Caching - How to reduce stress on your API and cache the resources that are being reused multiple times
  • Rate Limiting and Throttling - How to protect your API from all kinds of misuse and make sure it's not breaking because of those pesky attacks
  • JWT Authentication - How to configure, implement, and support JWT authentication in your Web API and how to integrate it into Entity Framework Core
  • Refresh Token - How to create support for more user-friendly UIs and improve user experience overall by issuing refresh tokens
  • Options Pattern - How to implement one of the best patterns for your configuration manipulation and even reload configuration without restarting the application
  • Document the API - Although good APIs shouldn't have to be documented at all, sometimes it's just nice to be able to read what the API does throw in some demo requests, and see what we get
  • Deployment to Production - A final step in the application development process is to deploy it to production. You'll learn how to deploy the application to IIS successfully
  • Performance Improvements - How to get the most out of your API with little tips and tweaks you can easily implement
  • CQRS and MediatR - Increasingly popular alternative approach to requesting resources from the API


Parse through the full table of contents.

Visit the page to learn more: https://code-maze.com/ultimate-aspnetcore-webapi-second-edition/

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Ultimate ASP.NET Core Web API Second Edition - Premium Package

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